Anticrastinate [an-tee-kras-tuh-neyt], verb

So you're working on something really important, but you can't take your eyes off Reddit. You start doing your work, but instead of searching for something, your fingers type in "" in the URL bar, and now you're looking at cat pictures again!

What if there was a way to block some websites while working on really important stuff? Something like this:


Ubuntu 14.10 or later

Download this .deb file and run $ sudo dpkg -i anticrastinator_0.0-1.deb.


Run the following commands:

$ [sudo] npm install -g anticrastinator
$ sudo anticrastinator start

Now you can edit your /etc/hosts file like shown above.


Edit your /etc/hosts file and add one or more lines that look like this:

# anticrastinate: [start_time]-[end_time] -- [website1] [website2]

You can also put weekdays or weekends after the time if needed.

For example, to block between 9AM and 5PM during weekdays, you can use this:

# anticrastinate: 9:00-17:00 weekdays --


Q: Why do I need to run this with sudo?

A: In order to modify /etc/hosts, the application needs root access. I promise it doesn't do any bad stuff, and I encourage you to take a look yourself.

Q: But this doesn't really block any websites. All I have to do is disable the daemon!

A: Or you can use your phone. This isn't meant to stop anyone from using any websites, but to make it difficult enough that you stop and think "let's not actually do this" before getting sucked into cat pictures.